Studio W Personalities

William A. Brown
CEO and Founder of Studio W Buzz Global Radio
William A Brown: CEO at WIILIAM WORLDWIDE Inc. Born in Richmond Virginia March 8, 1950, Dad William D Brown, (later single) Mom Elois Allen Brown along with seven siblings. William received Read More
Ann Wooten-Taylor
Ann Wooten-Taylor is the founder and C.E.O. of Eating as an Act of Worship Ministries (hereinafter EAW), which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching the Biblical principles regarding the Read More
L. Roi Boyd III
Co-host "Monday Night Maddness"
Dr. Rudolph Dimery
Co-host "The Boomerang"
Dr. Cecelia Sims
Co-Host of The Boomerang
"Real Talk"
Dr. Joyce Woodbury Harris
Co-host of "The Boomerang"
Emil Brown
Co-host of "Studio W Sports Page"
Co-host of "Studio W Sports Page"
Marc Daniels
Co-host on STUDIO "W" BUZZ Sports Page! Boxing Analyst!
Host and Co-host of "TEENS TALK TRUTH"
Deacon Otis Wicknine
Host of "Tell It Like It Is with Deacon Otis Wicknine"
Reverend James McKenzie
Associate Pastor of The New Hope Missionary Baptist Church
Dr. Michael Andrew Owens & Mrs. Lisa Owens
Senior Pastor & First Lady, New Hope Missionary Baptist Church, San Bernardino, CA
Beth Gill
Administrative Assistant to Dr. Michel Andrew Owens and Co-host of "The Gospel Explosion"
Adrienne Braxton
Adrienne's Saturday Clean Up Jamz
Madd Mike
Co-host of Madd MIke/ Wild Will Coast to Coast