Conversation with a Grim Reaper

I let the cool autumn air run over my skin chilling it ever so slightly as the rest of my body stayed warm. It was a nice feeling to have and one of my favorites from my childhood that I could so easily recall during this time of year. The park I sat at wasn’t as busy as it usually was. The small specks of people that walk by or the children playing in the field that was now dappled with orange, red, and yellow leaves that crunch and rustled as they were disturbed. The motion of colors and sounds was enough to overload anyone’s senses so it was easy for him to stand out. His monochromatic suit and eerie pale skin distracted from the rest of the scene displayed. He acted as a cold spot, something that lacked vibrance compared to everything else here but I didn’t flinch or even knew he was there until he spoke to me.

“Are you enjoying the autumn air as well? I tend to find an odd yet inviting comfort in it” His voice was deep and smooth with the weight of confidence that you could feel as the sound vibrates through my eardrums. He was sitting directly beside me without a sound except for his voice with his eyes facing forward.

“Y-yeah, It takes me back to being a kid again”

“Yes, I see, there’s a sense of familiarity with the season then?”

“I-I mean, I guess? I’m sorry but who are you?” I turn to get a better look at him, he was about my height maybe a bit taller he wore a very clean and well-made black, white, and gray suit, his skin was a pale brown color like caramel or pulled toffee, the head had hair that flowed with the wind the soft curls bounced with the flow of the wind. The only off-putting thing about him was his glasses were an odd shade of yellow the stuck out more than anything.

“My apologies My name’s Marcel Grale the Grim reaper assigned to take out soul when it’s your time to die, I’m just making sure my notes are in order before your day arrives” His voice had the same tone as his previous statements but at the same time completely unbelievable. It took me by surprise when he first said it but I couldn’t help but laugh.

“That’s a really funny joke man what are you a comedian? If so, you need to work on your act”

“I can assure you that I am quite serious. There isn’t much room for laugher in my line of work”

I scoffed at him and leaned forward resting my chin on my hand“ Yeah ok Mr. Grim Reaper whatever you say. As if anyone would believe that BS from a wack job in a park”

He remained silent for a few moments, even though I couldn’t see him clearly, I could tell he smiled a bit before he pulled out a small book and adjusts his glasses “Michael Xavier Johnson, Age 35, date of birth 09/24, blood type o-, Place of residence Meteora city, Your parents both died recently with in the past 5 years  and you’ve been on your own away from the rest of your family ever since. You and your siblings are on nonspeaking terms…”

“Hey stop! How did you know all of this? Who the hell are you? What- what gives you the right to look into my life?” I was confused and frustrated. This complete stranger was reading my life as if it were just a story readily available to be read online

He closed the book and simply said “It’s as I said before I’m the Grim reaper in charge of collecting your soul upon your death. There’s no need for me to deceive you since you’ll die soon and will no longer be a part of the mortal realm. I’m simply here to ensure that my notes are in order before such a time occurs.” His voice still in that same tone that felt like his words were digging their way to my very soul. It was like reality came crashing down around me, everything I wanted to do suddenly felt meaningless, my job, my work, my lively hood felt as though it didn’t matter anymore. I just sat there feeling defeated. He spoke up once more

“No, I cannot tell you when it is, you’ll die or how you will. I also can’t tell you where your soul may end up for, I don’t have that knowledge myself, however, my true purpose for coming to you was to have a conversation, I find you to be quite…. Unique and interesting individual.”

I felt as though I’d already reached the bottom of the barrel, what started as a good day turned sour just by a few sentences in which my life will soon end and there’s nothing I could do about it. I mean what is someone supposed to do with the information that they’ll die soon? Do I keep living my normal life until then? Do I accept my fate or try to defy it? The words he said afterward seem to enter one ear and exits from the other. I was just stuck in the thought of what do I do?

“C-can…can I change that? I-I don’t want to die. It’s too soon it’s much too soon. There’s so much I haven’t done or seen there has to be some way to postpone it or, or…..or something please, I don’t want to die” tears started to fall from my face as a practically begged for my life to an entity that most likely doesn’t even care. With full certainty, he’s heard these word hundreds of time, and the now just fall onto deaf ears

His voice cut through my tears with a clarity that seemed to stop time “It is unlikely that a mortal would be able to defy their fate as you would put it. But that does not mean I don’t sympathize with you. Death is the ultimate end of everything. She puts the chairs on the table, turn off the lights, and locks the doors to what you once called life. You are an interesting individual to me so I shall impart this bit of wisdom to you, From this moment on you have two choices laid in front of you a choice that will impact your very soul.” He stands and straights his suit and looks at me

“You may either accept the end or fight against the whims of fate. Only one choice will bring you salvation for your soul” and with those last words he disappeared the cold spot in the display was no longer visible as if he’d never existed. My tears flowed down my face turning cold at they came in contact with the cold air. I was just given the information that I had limited time left on earth and I could accept it or defy it. I know my immediate thought that took the presidency was that I should fight against it. My mind raced with this plan to stop my death so that I may live on but after half an hour of these thoughts …, it all just felt pointless. Like he said there’s very little a mortal could do against fate so there’s no point in fighting against fate. And my time came 2 years later and he returned

“I see you choose your salvation for your soul. You’ve chosen to follow through with the fates plan and pass on. Very few do when they’re given the information you were. And now I shall do my final tasks as a reaper and lead you to your afterlife”

I didn’t know what to expect when he came for my soul. I just knew that I accepted any fate that would have fallen upon me for who am I to defy fate and ruin her plans.

By: Kavin Jackson