One Shining Moment

Article By: Emil Brown

As I watch Naomi Osaka win her third Grand Slam and the first championship in the pandemic era. You have to wonder…. Why do we all do this? Why do we take off work and pay our hard-earned $$$ to pack venues, buy sports apparel, dress our man caves to tune into sports events and watch our favorite athletes raise our blood pressure? We do it not only for the Love of the game but to be on top when it is all said and done. We all live our dreams through the athletes we choose to watch and root for. A lot of us were athletes at one point in time and due to unforeseen circumstances had to go another route in life.  

           And we stare in awe as they make moves that defy the laws of physics and further solidify our fanhood. However, there is that entanglement between the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. We love it when our team wins and are heartbroken when our team loses.  And we do it all over again time and time again, season after season, year after year. This is what we live for, seeing your favorite athlete/team achieve the highest honors is like the ultimate adrenaline rush without the sweat. 

We want to believe that the athletes we root for are invincible. They are our heroes are idols are champions but they are all human just like us.  But we also know there can only be one winner while the rest licks their wounds.  Some point fingers some blame it on injuries, officials, coaching, blown plays/coverages. Some just own it and put on the bravest face possible. 

Regardless if we love them or hate them we continue the cycle and just like the time it does not stop.  Even after championships are won we will still continue to talk about the past the present and the future of sports. we even talked about the off-season that I favor athletes do and don’t do. even down to what they eat because it is important to us that our favorite athletes give it their all each and every time we tune in to watch. 

Everybody Wants To Be A Champion but there can only be one. If it’s not this season, the next season, if not next season the season after that. All For the Love of our game When the spotlight and everyone’s attention is on us because we did something that no one thought we could do the world love champions athletes love to silence critics we love to send out the athletes we despise and do anything to praise the athletes we love.  Heck, even athletes are fans too.  So as the pandemic spreads throughout the world we all have our sports to ease our pains and struggles through life, it’s a chance for us to forget about what’s going on in the world and see something that we love. Sports are something that the average man can’t live without. Champions are made everyday everyone has a champion inside of them we all want to be LeBron Jordan heater Brady judge or your favorite athlete we all want to be Joe Namath claiming the title before it’s won.  We all want to be Aaron Judge hitting that walk-off home run and the bottom of the ninth.  Who doesn’t want to be Michael Jordan hitting a buzzer-beater to seal the NBA finals?  Brooks Koepka nailing a hole-in-one.  Some of us will settle for anything even if that includes.  Joe Schmo nailing a cornhole championship it’s what we live for.   One Shining Moment.